Spirituality Does Not Mean ‘Easy’

I am guilty of a most false assumption: “Everything in my life will go smoothly since I am on a spiritual journey.”

Isn’t that cute?

What a rude awakening to find out that I’m not always going to get my way from that God that I have always loved and tried to please!

My first clue into this was the drive from Missouri to Florida right after being married. My new husband and I were enjoying the scenery, albeit a little lost. My husband pulled into a gas station to ask for directions (yeah, I got a winner) while I waited in the car. Out of nowhere, I was suddenly filled with jealous thoughts: “What if he finds someone in there more attractive than me? What if he finds her more interesting? What if? What if? What if?!”

I was never jealous with previous boyfriends–not once. My attitude was, “Hey, if you want to date someone else, go right ahead. I don’t need to waste my time.”  These thoughts that surfaced during our honeymoon trek came as a disarming and alien surprise.

At the time, I didn’t know what to do with jealousy, and was quite embarrassed and overwhelmed by the emotions. I tried to hide what I was feeling, but didn’t do so well. Fortunately, my husband was kind enough to talk me through my feelings.

…Which would have been great if all I needed to do was talk! I felt better in the moment, but those feelings were only a taste of what was to come. I had a whole slew of faulty childhood beliefs that were surfacing to be healed. This was what my spiritual journey was to be for several years: Clearing false beliefs from my childhood–not just jealousy, but a series of dysfunctional attitudes and concepts about relationships overall.

What the heck? I wanted to be married and live happily ever after! I wanted to ride off into the sunset, live on the beach, and be eternally wise and wonderful! That emotional work was getting in my way of my FUN! How dare it!

I eventually learned that this is the spiritual process, and healing needs showed up in all areas of life: my relationships, career endeavors, and how I perceived myself. Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves on the spiritual journey have issues that arise to be healed. This clearing of false beliefs, shedding light on what is real and true (until the next round of clearing!) is what this journey is about! It is simply part of our journey as humans moving into Something Greater.

How disappointing, I have thought–at first and many times since then! Yet, how necessary to be able to move forward unimpeded by my fears and false assumptions. How much stronger my intuition became because of my willingness to do the work. What better life choices I have made because of my willingness to let go of my lesser ideas of “fun” and short-sighted ways of doing things.

The spiritual journey is about clearing away our personal ideas of what is real, valid and important; and open to our intuitive nature that knows what is better for us. Our Higher Self waits for us to loose our little wills and cooperate with the bigger picture that can only be perceived when we tap into it! And we can’t tap into it while we hold fears and wrong ideas about whatever situation is at hand.

The spiritual journey takes diligence, willingness, and spunk. What are you willing to let go of so you can grow?

2 thoughts on “Spirituality Does Not Mean ‘Easy’

  1. Well shared, with great honesty, Lynn. The truth is, we are all on a spiritual path, a path to Spirit. For nothing else exists !!

    If we have good karma unfolding, we are happy. We then have two choices : To be grateful (which is spiritual) or to be selfish, mean and possessive which creates bad karma. When bad karma ripens and we suffer, we have two choices : To be reflectively remorseful and improve, or to get worse through cribbing and resentment of ‘Why me?’ , creating further bad karma, and get those two choices again, until we eventually choose to learn and reform !

    But you are right that those who consciously choose the spiritual way, face many hassles. Why ? Expect to be tested if you are going to be so greatly rewarded ; you have exams before every degree, don’t you ? What degree can compare with the pleasure of the Lord of the Universe ! Secondly, when you get devotional, the Lord wants you as much as you want Him. Our love is one thing that God pines for. He won’t command or dictate it, it must be given freely. So He lets truckloads of bad karma come to you, so you finish your karmic debts and get back home where you are awaited.

    The spiritual path, my Master says, is like a razor’s edge. For house-holders like you and me, it is double-edged. But the rewards more than justify all that. Cheers ! Let’s keep on and keep on keeping on 🙂


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