Welcome to my blog!

This is where I drop thoughts about various topics regarding spirituality and soul healing. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I add the element of psychology to our understanding of healing at depth. I call what I do spiritual psychology. Psychology is an aspect of spiritual evolution, or awakening, that is necessary to address. As we understand who we are as human beings in this world, we can begin to tap into who we are as spiritual beings in the universe.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher. Center for Enlightenment is where I have received the most valuable aspects of my spiritual understanding. I highly recommend the teachings of Jane Elizabeth Hart, Founder and Spiritual Leader of Center for Enlightenment, and my own spiritual Teacher for over two decades.

Other facts about me: I have a private spiritual counseling and therapy practice called Center for Dynamic Healing based in Illinois and Florida. I am an Independent “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” Facilitator, and teach classes and workshops on mindfulness, the evolution of the soul, Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions, and Spiritual Psychology. I also incorporate Brainspotting in my practice, and am a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner and Consultant. Brainspotting is such fun! Find out more here!

My personal philosophy is that we are all here to evolve into more conscious, responsible individuals. Mental health issues arise when we are out of alignment with what is happening within and around us.  As we embrace and adjust to our life situations–working through our disappointments and broken expectations–our equilibrium is restored. We feel stronger and more capable to accept what is in front of us to do, with new joy and understanding.

Blending psychology with spirituality, I offer tools for self-discovery, forgiveness, meditation, healthy transitions, healed relationships and positive parenting.  I work with individuals to help them learn how to uncover hidden strengths and be on track with their own life purpose.

Counseling is available in person (soon in Florida), over the phone, email, and telehealth. Check out my private practice website: Center for Dynamic Healing for more information.

Welcome, and enjoy the discussions!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. The work you are doing in the world is fantastic. Working through disappointments and assaults on our safety is a complex business. So happy you are offering yourself to others, having done much of your own work I’m sure.

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  2. I just saw your comment today–thank you very much! I feel the same about your work, and I appreciate meeting like-minded folks here! Thank you again, and I am so happy to be connected!


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